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HornetSecurity continues to expand its range of products and services. This time they have put the emphasis on training, a key piece in an organization’s cybersecurity strategy. Through their SECURITY AWARENESS TRAINING, they are committed to provide the most advanced yet fully automated Awareness Trainning and Phishing Simulation to their customers and partners.

SECURITY AWARENESS TRAINING trains your employees with realistic spear phishing simulations and online training based on Artificial Intelligence that reinforces awareness of cybersecurity risks and threats. In this way, they learn to effectively protect themselves and the company. It does so in a fully automated and easy-to-use way.

For those who do not know what Spear Phishing is, we can define it as a phishing attack aimed at a specific individual or organization. The attacker will typically collect information about their target to make the phishing attempt appear more legitimate.

As they themselves cite on their website,the origin of 95% of all security incidents is human error (source: World Economic Forum – The Global Risks Report 2022)

Companies invest money and resources in devices, platforms and security software, to prevent being victims of cyberattacks. But forget that a chain is always broken by the weakest link. What is the weakest link?… The employees of the company!!!!

Many employees, experts in other disciplines such as marketing, sales, etc., are usually poorly trained in terms of cybersecurity.

Social engineering attacks are today much more common than any flaw-based attack on applications or platforms.

What company is not exposed to a poorly trained employee clicking on a malicious link in a malicious email? The only way to combat this is through training.

Cybersecurity training is important because it helps individuals and organizations protect against cyberattacks and mitigate the risks of data breaches. Cyberattacks are becoming more common and sophisticated, and can have serious consequences for individuals and organizations, including financial loss, reputational damage, and legal liabilities.

Cybersecurity training helps individuals and organizations develop the knowledge and skills needed to recognize and prevent cyberattacks, such as phishing attempts, malware infections, and network intrusions. It can also help them understand how to protect sensitive information and comply with best practices for data security.

Some of the key benefits of cybersecurity training include:

  • Increased awareness: Cybersecurity training helps individuals and organizations understand the various types of cyber threats they may encounter and how to recognize and avoid them.
  • Stronger defenses: Cybersecurity training can help individuals and organizations implement stronger security measures, such as using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and installing antivirus software.
  • Risk reduction: Cybersecurity training can help individuals and organizations identify and address vulnerabilities in their systems and processes, which can help reduce the risk of a successful cyberattack.
  • Compliance: Many organizations must comply with specific cybersecurity regulations and standards, and cybersecurity training can help them meet these requirements.

Overall, cybersecurity training is an essential component of any organization’s security strategy and can help protect against the many threats that exist in today’s digital world.

Security Awareness Training is based on three key pieces:

  1. The Employee Safety Index (ESI):® Awareness Indicator

ESI® – Employee Security Index is a unique industry reference that measures and compares employee security behavior across the enterprise on an ongoing basis, and monitors personalized training needs online.


Provision of online training content according to needs including Booster option for users who require more intensive online training and fully automated management of online training.

  • Deployment of relevant online training content according to needs
  • Booster option for users who require more intensive online training
  • Fully automated control and steering of the online training

A realistic and tailor-made spear phishing simulation in different degrees of difficulty, so that employees are also aware of the most sophisticated attacks. It has:

  • Different levels of difficulty and sophistication
  • Fully automated and controlled simulations
  • Patented process

Spear Phishing Engine Diagram


  • Track the progress and all other trainning statistics of their organization with the Awareness in real-time.
  • Real-time tracking of all Security Awareness Training statistics
  • Get ESI reports with ESI®® history and forecast
  • Set up and customize awareness training to meet their organization’s needs


In addition, the platformprovides a motivating learning environment for your users with the Security Hub, which provides:

  • Central access to all online learning content
  • Provides an assessment of each user’s individual phishing simulation
  • A Gamification approach which encourages users to «do their best»
  • Learning content available in different languages

Security Hub

Hotnetsecurity uses a very important KPI of security awareness training with the ESI® – EMPLOYEE SECURITY INDEX.

The ESI® Awareness Indicator enables standardised and transparent measurement of security behaviour at the enterprise, group and user levels.

ESI Diagram

Invest in cybersecurity training plans, and the global security of your company will thank you… Ask for a DEMO to evaluate the quality and capacity of the product by clicking on REQUEST A DEMO, or by clicking on the button.

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