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by José Luis Sánchez Borque

In 1971, Ray Tomlinson shaped a new form of communication, e-mail. He did not imagine that it would be one of the most popular and critical forms of communication today in the world. Approximately more than 240,000 million emails are sent daily (source statista). I have put the number to be aware of the huge quantity of critical information that must be inside part of those emails.

Much of the management of emails is managed by large technology companies, such as:

  • Microsoft 365

As a global element of communication, we can find in the mailboxes of a user or a company, sensitive information, that is, with a high degree of privacy: contracts, medical reports, tax matters, taxes, access data to platforms that we forward to the mail, etc. Conceptually email has become a large repository of document information, in part due to misuse. It is also bad practice to use the business mail for personal matters.

Again, both at the private level and at the corporate level we work with two premises that are totally wrong from my point of view:

  • That we can’t lose email
  • That information is secure

I already discussed in another article the reasons that require us to back up all the information we have in the cloud, including users’ mailboxes.

Why Backups?

Email platforms have become the main target of cybercriminals. By applying different techniques and taking advantage of certain vulnerabilities, they get access to the information in the mailboxes, apply email phishing techniques, etc.

A few months ago it appeared a 0-day vulnerability for the Microsoft Exchange mail platform. Millions of accounts were exposed globally, which is totally unacceptable. You can read more information in the following link:

HAFNIUM targeting Exchange Servers with 0-day exploits

A very important issue is that no one is aware that information is stored unencrypted in mailboxes. As it is also often the case with information from hard drives, external USB, etc. An issue to keep in mind, since if a cybercriminal accesses a mailbox they will be able to read all the information.

We can summarize all the above in two main objectives for any system administrator of a company in the management of mail: AVAILABILITY AND SECURITY.

There are different companies that offer services that improve our mail platforms by adding a layer that improves the factors mentioned above.

One of the global companies offering a global solution for MICROSOFT 365 is HORNETSECURITY. The company acquired in early 2021 the company ALTARO, leader in backup software. We can see in the following image the globality of the company at the level of data center and offices worldwide. An important factor when choosing any cloud platform, being able to choose the data center that adapts to the local legislation of each country.

T Mapa Descripción generada automáticamente

Its flagship product is 365 TOTAL PROTECTION. We have several packages with different options.

Screenshot of a cell phone Auto-generated description

On the company’s website you have the detailed information of each of the functions. I’m not going to copy what you can already read on the Web itself. I just want to highlight some of the key and differential functions of this platform:

  • Content Control. It protects communication by allowing you to adjust the type of content, attached, that can be sent or received. It is granular, that is, it allows different containment standards to be set for different individuals or groups.
  • Centralized signature control. It allows you to centrally manage all the corporate firms of the company, something that usually brings all marketing departments upside down, and that improves the image of any company.
  • Archiving of emails. It allows you to establish different rules that are applied to incoming and outgoing emails so that they are archived automatically. Extends the email retention period to 10 years.
  • eDiscovery. Something very interesting. As I said before the misuse of mail makes nowadays almost, and forgive the exaggeration, a document manager … with eDiscovery all information is indexed and we can perform simple or complex searches on all email. All at a high speed.
  • Mail protection. Establishes different protection mechanisms for each email: antivirus, malware URL protection, forensic analysis, etc.
  • Automated backups of mailboxes, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint.
  • Granular information retrieval. We may recover all or part of the information we have backed up.
  • GDPR Security . Provides a number of mechanisms that help improve GDPR compliance.

An important detail that we must always take into account the time and complexity of the installation. In the case of 365 TOTAL PROTECTION it is extremely simple, and in just a few steps we have the new platform mounted.

Graphical user interface, Application Auto-generated description

We will talk on another occasion about the more technical part, and how we can implement it in the different companies.



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